Maintenance & Repairs

We have the capability to perform Construction & Deconstruction of industrial assets, modules, section plant, as well as maintenance and repairs on a variety of super-structures, equipment and vessels including:

Crane Repairs
  • Offshore production and drilling platforms
  • Refineries
  • Marine vessels & FPSOs
  • Hulls and tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Jetties
  • Power stations
  • Industrial Stacks/Chimneys
  • Dams
  • Wind turbines

and any other challenging environment.


Our personnel are well experienced & trained to work in hazardous areas including confined spaces.

Our team has participated in these projects:

  • Jetty Repair/Preservation (Dampier WA)
  • Corrosion Protection (Dampier WA, North Rankin Platform)
  • Shutdown Maintenance (FPSO-Cossack Pioneer, FPSO-Maersk NY, North Rankin Platform)
  • Refineries Maintenance (Shell – Geelong)
  • Stacks & Chimneys Repair & Maintenance (Kalgoorlie Smelter Stack)
  • Offshore Platforms Maintenance (Apache Stag, North Rankin)
  • Drilling Platforms Maintenance (Diamond Offshore – Ocean Epoch, Ocean Bounty)
  • Marine Vessels & FPSO Maintenance (Cossack Pioneer, Maersk NY, SeaDrill)

Other services

  • Pipelines Repair & Maintenance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Stacks & Chimneys Repairs & Maintenance
  • Hulls & Tanks Maintenance
  • Air well Servicing & Confined Space Entry
  • Antennas & Telecom Towers


Remedial Works, Maintenance & Repairs

  • Building Maintenance
  • Facade Repairs & Restoration
  • Heritage Buildings Maintenance
  • Concrete cancer treatment & repairs – At Atlas Access, our experienced team comes from a variety of backgrounds ranging from Construction, Civil, Mining or Oil & Gas. We rely on our breadth of knowledge to solve a vast array of issues, including problems commonly found in concrete structures. Whether you suspect spalling or need a concrete crack repair done, Atlas Access is well equipped to inspect and assess your asset (bridge, jetty, building) and provide a repair solution to meet your needs. Lets start with identification of the underlying issues such as:1.      Delamination survey; 2.      Covermeter survey reporting cover, rebar location and bar diameters; 3.      Breakouts to confirm reinforcement cover and to establish level of corrosion; 4.      Establishment of carbonation depth at breakout locations, using phenolphthalein indicator;  5.      Powder sampling of concrete for chloride testing; 6.      And more…
Facade Spalling
  • Facade repairs
  • Concrete Repair / Concrete Cancer
  • Structural Crack Repairs
  • Core Drilling
  • Painting & Coating
  • Brick pointing
  • Facade waterproofing
  • Cleaning & High Pressure Cleaning
Water Proofing

Glazing services, lifting & installations

  • Aluminium Framed Doors/Windows
  • Toughened/Frameless Glass
  • Curtain Walls & more

Pest control

  • Bird Spike System, Anti-Bird Netting, Bird Wire System
  • Commercial Pest Control solutions for inaccessible areas

Plumbing & Air-conditioning

  • Gutter & Down Pipes blockages, repairs & replacements
  • Installation of gutter guards
  • A/C units installation on the external facade of high rises

Assistance to trades with difficult access