Wind Turbine Services


Atlas Access would like to offer our services to the wind farming industry. Regular maintenance & inspection work is done by qualified Rope Access Technicians to ensure maximum safety and productivity. We employ qualified trade & engineering personnel with IRA rope access certifications. Our team members have proven themselves on various projects in Offshore Oil & Gas, Onshore Refineries, Geotechnical & Infrastructure projects as well as Civil & Construction.

We can work under external supervision or independently.

We can provide height safety services for other personnel (Stand-by & Rescue). We can carry out regular maintenance & inspections such as:

  • Tower inspection; Internal/external
  • NDT inspections
  • Annual Height Safety System Inspection & Load Testing (anchor points, ladders, static lines)
  • Height safety equipment 6-monthly audits & register updates
  • Lifting equipment, winches & hoists & anchor beam inspection to LEEA standards
  • Electrical & Mechanical inspections
  • Visual, Video and photographic surveys
  • Confined space & rope access inspections
  • Gearbox boroscope inspection
  • Greasing (gearbox & bearing lubrication)
  • Topping-up of oil
  • Replacement of parts due to wear and tear
  • Cleaning (oil & hydraulic spills, exterior interior)
  • Coating & Corrosion Control
  • Cable tray maintenance
  • Blade inspection internal/external
  • Blade cleaning & repairs
  • Night lighting for aviation safety
  • Lightning conductor/protection testing, installation and repair

We can additionally offer services in ground support, stabilisation & drilling, lifting & rigging services, including works with helicopters in difficult access environment.

Lack of Maintenance Leads to Costly Repairs!!!

The main component causing downtime for turbines is the gearbox, which if it fails can cost 15-20% of the price of the turbine to replace. Furthermore, failure to monitor and replace oil as needed can lead to wear on bearing and gears, causing greater financial losses than simply replacing the part. When a $1,500 bearing fails unnoticed, it can lead to production loss and revenue loss including an unscheduled replacement of a $100,000 dollar gearbox and an unscheduled crane cost of up to $70,000 to access the failed components.

Avoid costly repairs, invest in a regular inspection & maintenance program.