Gilmonte Statik 11.0mm Rope – Red

The Gilmonte Statik 11.0mm is a solid, durable, workhorse rope for Industrial Rope Access, with a very impressive pricetag. It’s our rope of choice here at Atlas Access, whether in the training centre or out in the dirt, we know that the Gilmonte Statik will take our punishment in it’s stride.

Sold per metre, or get in touch for special prices on our 200m spools.

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Diameter 10,9mm
Type A
Tenacity 32kN
Weight 73.5g/m
Elongation 3.2%
Shrinkage -3.8%
Knotability 0.62
Sheath Slippage 0.10%

EN 1891:2000
CE 1015


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