Rigging & Lifting Services

Offshore - J spool riser installation

Atlas Access has developed progressive techniques combining standard lifting & rigging practice with unique systems of Rope Access and the latest available technology to deliver a safe & highly adaptable methodology of lifting & rigging in challenging & hazardous environments.

Each Lift is assessed (routine and non-routine lifts) and a Lifting Plan is developed to assess risks & carry out lifts in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

  • Offshore Lifts (Vessel to Platform/FPSO)
  • Non-routine lifts over live process
  • Handshakes between crane & mechanical lifting devices
  • Powered or Mechanical Lifting and Hoisting System
  • Steel erection
  • Risers, spools and pipes
  • Plant, equipment & structures
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  • Cranes and derricks
  • Crane lifts assistance
  • Demolition rigging
  • Helicopter lifting
  • Industrial safety nets

Our techniques have been proven on number of onshore & offshore projects and helped our clients to deliver on time, at budget & to the industry highest standards.

We can help you to:

Derigging Hydra Rams
  • Set up & maintain Project/Company specific Lifting register
  • Establish Standards and implement compliance
  • Risk assess, prepare & implement Lifting Plans (& JHA’s)
  • Design and Verification of Lifting Equipment
  • Manufacture, Inspection & Testing of Lifting Equipment
  • Work effectively in remote locations

We will inspect your site, develop a lifting plan based upon your budget, design a lifting system and lift required items to the location.

We have done many lifting operations in remote areas with helicopters and we have the skills to land your equipment anywhere in a safe manner, as well as experienced helicopter pilots with lifting skills.

Construction & Commercial Lifting

Our extensive experience in the industrial lifting sector has helped our

Heli Lifting

clients to solve problems where cranes, helicopters and other means of
lifting provided impossible or too costly.

We can lift:

  • Materials
  • Equipment & Plant
  • Furniture
  • Artwork etc.

We will inspect your site, develop a lifting plan based upon your budget, design a lifting system and lift the required items to the location.

  • Steel Erection
  • Steel & Frames
  • Signs, Banners & Lights
  • Lifting & Hoisting
  • Hoists, Cranes & Derricks
  • Industrial Safety Nets
  • Safety Line Systems
  • Crane Lifts Assistance
  • Demolition Rigging

Lifting by use of Rope Access methods and advanced rigging techniques (where cranes cannot reach, helicopters cannot manoeuvre). We can lift any load and place it where required (lifting of oversize furniture into high rises, lifting of heavy plant and equipment onto building towers and structures etc.)