This unit covers the competency required to undertake rescue in confined spaces, as defined in AS 2865-2009 Confined spaces, as a member of a single agency or multi-disciplinary team.

The application of this unit in the workplace covers a range of confined space rescue situations.

The unit is typically performed by personnel from emergency services and/or volunteer organisations or organisations where confined space work is undertaken.

What you will learn includes:

  • operate atmospheric monitoring equipment
  • operate isolation systems
  • operate lifting equipment
  • operate lowering and hauling systems
  • operate self contained breathing apparatus and airline equipment
  • operate ventilation equipment
  • Australian Standard (AS) 2865-2009 Confined spaces
  • lock, tag out and isolation procedures
  • organisational procedures for cleaning and discarding equipment in terms of environmental management and sustainability
  • potential occupational hazards and control measures
  • procedures for atmospheric monitoring
  • purging and ventilation in accordance with national standards
  • selection, use and maintenance of respiratory devices
  • use of ropes and knots for accessing confined space